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How to guarantee secure printing in the shared workspace

Protect your data and valuable documents against new cybersecurity threats.
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The way we work, communicate, and collaborate with one another continues to evolve. Remote and hybrid working are here to stay. However, the transition has seen the security of organisational data go from being safeguarded centrally to depending on employees’ internet connections.

The number of locations and devices connecting to shared databases and devices has increased drastically and hackers are all too aware that an organisation’s security is only as strong as its weakest link. All it takes is for one gap to emerge for the chaos to ensue. 


Time for a new approach

As cybersecurity threats continue to soar, it’s evident that we need to adapt and evolve. The solutions we used yesterday to protect our documents and data have quickly become outdated.

According to IDC, a majority of organisations place a notable difference on the level of importance associated with IT security compared with print and document security. In many cases, IT managers and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) assume that systems already in place would extend to and protect connected peripheral devices – they do so at their peril.

Furthermore, it’s essential that every organisation is aware of their vulnerable points. This includes anywhere that could lead to data being accessed, from your email inbox right through to your MFP.  

Therefore, a security rethink is needed and it’s time to take back control; control over each and every device connected to our networks; control over who accesses shared databases and from where. Without control, data security is left to chance.

Chance is music to the ears of those looking to penetrate firewalls, uncover passwords, and do untold damage to your business.  

Are you happy to leave the fate of your valuable documents and data to chance? We didn’t think so. It’s time to eliminate unnecessary risks. It’s time to stop hoping things will be ok.

At Kyocera, we have realised that the solutions that helped our customers grow their business in the past also needed to evolve. We have reflected and adapted.


Rising to the challenge

By focusing on the fundamental elements of security, we have delivered a pairing of A3 MFPs that are ready to become a vital cog within your overall security framework.  

The TASKalfa 2554ci and TASKalfa 3554ci devices have been released with a host of security enhancements that address areas such as security log management, certification validity, improved communication protocols, and email encryption.

The new range of devices is aligned with our overarching philosophy towards security; ensuring your devices and data get the protection they deserve: 

  • Data Confidentiality: Information assets handled by the MFP must not be leaked to a third party.
  • Data Integrity:  Assets must not be altered. They must be accurate and correct.
  • Information Availability: Information must be immediately accessible while maintaining confidentiality and integrity.
  • Authenticity: The accuracy of the author or the owner of the information assets can be validated.
  • Accountability: The history of user and manager operations and the MFP behaviour can be tracked.
  • Non-repudiation: Prevent repudiation of operations that have not been performed by MFP users and managers.
  • Device Reliability: The behaviour and output of the MFP is correct and as expected.

These are the rock-solid foundations upon which sustainable success is built. There is no one quick fix to ensure optimal data security in the hybrid working age. An increase in devices, locations and access points have created a new wave of cybersecurity threats and business leaders continue to juggle new ways of working while trying to ensure their confidential data remains safe. 

Nonetheless, there is reason to be optimistic: with the right mindset and the right tools, businesses can turn this period of great disruption into a platform to discover new opportunities for organic growth. This will be key to creating even greater value for their customers.

taskalfa 2552ci
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The smart choice for dynamic workspaces

Customers will continue to demand more - be it quality, quantity, cost-effectiveness, or a more personalised service. To deliver more, you need the best tools, tools that deliver the same professional quality day after day and last the test of time. Welcome to the new standard of A3 devices with the latest TASKalfa A3 MFPs.

Discover the new TASKalfa series of Kyocera

  • TASKalfa 2554ci

    Multifunctional product which guarantees security and efficiency, this product is the ideal solution.

  • TASKalfa 3554ci

    With advanced measures in security and usability, this product ensures that information is kept under virtual lock.

Your Output Your Way

Discover the new standard in security, productivity and reliability that today’s business environment needs with the latest TASKalfa A3 MFP devices.

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